You know how checking snail mail is usually not all that fun...but every once in a while you find something in there that surprises and delights you? Maybe it's a card from a friend, or a coupon for something you've been wanting to buy. Or perhaps a present from your past self that you forgot all about ordering!

Okay, so you do know that feeling.

Well I want to create this for your email inbox too! It won't be a total surprise, since I generally send something weekly, but it will be aimed at delighting you and giving you a nice break from those tireless ads, requests and bill reminders.

When you sign up below, you'll get the best of my brain - which usually means funny and helpful - stories, insights, tips, tools, teachings and reminders to get you connected and in the zone so that you can rock your business and love your life each day.

By joining here you're part of my crew of maverick [/ˈmav(ə)rik/ clever, creative, daring, bold] business owners, which makes you a VIP in my mind. So you'll always get first access to free and paid services, programs, workshops and other fun stuff I create.

So, my Maverick friend, are you in? Join below.

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